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This Jesus Birth book is the most interesting and accurate account of Jesus Birth and the years surrounding the Nativity.

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Kathy G. said, “Thank you for writing this book. It has meant so much to me. When I started I couldn’t stop and my heart was just pounding at times. I never felt so close to God.”

H.S. said, “It is like being there. I never knew what really happened. I have to get this for my kids.”


Jesus Birth Book

If you think you know the Christmas Story – You probably don’t know the whole – real story.

Hi, I’m Dr. Patrick Pierce. I did the research and wrote the most accurate book about Jesus’ Birth available today. This is a historically accurate account taken from hundreds of ancient documents that have been discovered. It is the exciting account of Jesus Birth and the Nativity story because you will be right in the middle of the action.

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This is an incredibly interesting and exciting story.

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