I’m so glad you have decided to see more about the most accurate story of Jesus Birth available. Not only is the most accurate but is a lot more interesting and exciting.

Most what you have heard about Jesus Birth is probably wrong.

Hi, I’m Dr. Patrick Pierce I did the research and wrote the most accurate book about Jesus’ Birth and the two years surrounding that historic event. Here’s how I happened to write this book.

I was at a wonderful Christmas pageant that was complete with flying angels, donkeys and even camels. It was a great performance filled with heart lifting songs and performances. What made it even better was that several of my grandchildren were in the production. Now here came the questions. I am a Bible scholar, have translated the Bible Gospels and written a book on Jesus and the Gospels. I knew that the presentation I had just thoroughly enjoyed wasn’t the way it really happened. However, I didn’t have any idea what did happen or even who the people really were. I had studied and heard about Mary and Joseph all my life but I never got to know who they were and how this whole event happened.

I’m a research doctor and so I just had to find out. My first big surprise was that there are hundreds and hundreds of documents from this same time period or shortly after that tell us a lot about the people, the places and even what happened. Wow, what a treasure for a researcher. I gathered all I could find and started reading, taking notes and constructing a time line of the events as they unfolded. What a fascinating time, what an interesting group of people and what a series of events that surrounded the birth of Jesus.

Now that I had hundreds of pages of notes and thousands of pages of historical material, what was I going to do with it? I had to tell people the story. I started giving some talks to friends, church groups and family. My wife gave me the inspiration to tell the story first hand, as if we were there. So that is what I did.

The story starts with my wife and I taking a “time cruise” back in time and arriving at the Nazareth Temple about one year before Jesus is born. We dress as best we can in first century clothing so we can fit in. When the Temple priest comes into the main temple room and discovers us he is startled that we are there and apparently our dress was unusual to him. We explain that we are there from a distant land and are seeking Joseph whose family lives in or around Nazareth. Joseph is at the Temple and the priest introduces us to him and he proceeds to take us on a guided tour around Nazareth and then over to his family’s home.

It is at his family’s home that we are introduced to first century life. It is different and more difficult in many ways than I had imagined; the dress, the meals, the beds and sleeping arrangements, and finally the bathroom. We share all of this with you in the book as we experience it ourselves. Even though life was quite different than expected, I fell in love with that way of living. It is so real, so connected and so fulfilling in many ways. I think you will fall in love with it also.

It isn’t long until we meet Mary’s mother Anna and then Mary. Mary is just arriving from the Jerusalem Temple where she has been living since she was three. She is now fourteen and ready to have a husband chosen for her. She is distressed because she had envisioned that she would stay in the Temple and dedicate her life to service to God as a Temple virgin. I found the entire account in the ancient documents about the selection process for Mary’s husband that was very different and even strange. I just went ahead and told the story like I found it. I am sure that you will find it a strange way to make an important decision also. Anyway we know that it all worked out and Joseph was the perfect choice for the job.

I found some accounts detailing the trip to Bethlehem when Mary was almost ready to have baby Jesus. This was a difficult and long trip in her condition. We accompany Mary and Joseph on the entire trip and finally arrive in Bethlehem. The Roman’s are there to take the tax payments and get everyone registered for the census. Bethlehem was Joseph’s hometown where he grew up and had most of his extended family there. Everyone’s homes were full of travelers so Joseph took Mary to the “Shepherds’ Cave” right outside of the little town. He was very familiar with the cave and it had been used for literally thousands of years. The surprising thing was that it was quite large and set up for people to stay in.

We then get to Jesus Birth. Jesus came into the world just as miraculous as he lived in it. Joseph and I ran into the town to get a midwife when Mary tells us it is time for the birth. By the time we get back Jesus had been born and there were already midwives there. This is very curious and just as soon as we arrive the midwives who were already there finished their job and leave without saying a word. Everyone is a bit confused but very thrilled about the new perfect baby boy. Mother and child were both doing great.

That evening and throughout the next days there is a constant stream of visitors. The shepherds have been told by what they describe as angels from heaven. It wasn’t just one set of shepherds, it turned out to be all the shepherds from and in the surrounding area. When they leave they go around telling everyone. Before we know it everyone had to come and see. Along with the commotion of all the visitors were all of the presents and sheep, lots of sheep.

When things settled down it was time to find a new place to live in Bethlehem. Things hadn’t gone good at all in Nazareth since Mary was pregnant and they weren’t married. Joseph and Mary just barely escaped being killed by the church leaders. The law was that if a woman is pregnant out of wedlock, she is to be stoned to death. Joseph had a dream from God and decided to keep Mary safe, but it almost cost him his life. I didn’t realize things were so tough for the couple. The situation wasn’t just tough it was hostile and downright dangerous.

Joseph establishes his carpentry shop in Bethlehem and Jesus grows for a little over a year there. I didn’t realize how important a carpenter was in the first century. All the farm equipment was made from wood and constantly needed repairing or replacing. It was a big and important job. Joseph came from a family of “Master Builders” which meant that they would be called on to build the houses, temples and other structures. They were the construction companies that we have today.

It was a busy year in Bethlehem and you will get to meet and know Jesus as a young boy. There are many stories about Jesus growing up that I didn’t know about. I included a few of the childhood stories that were found in several of the historic documents. I guess I never really thought of Jesus as a young boy. Jesus was God in human form which makes the whole growing up process different. You will find the childhood experiences of Jesus as interesting and challenging as I did, I’m sure.

A little over a year after Jesus was born the little town of Bethlehem was rocked to its foundations when the wise men came for a visit. These were actually kings from the Persian region north of Israel. This was a huge caravan of men, people, animals and soldiers. There were almost as many people in the caravan as there were in the little town.

I found a lot of historical material about the kings and included much of it in the book. These kings were fascinating to me and I know you will love meeting them also. The kings are able to visit Jesus and his family several times over a couple of days. As best as I can find the wise men presented their gifts to Jesus on Christmas day. That makes Christmas even more meaningful than ever.

The kings’ visit is cut short by Herod’s armies descending on the little town and trying to make the kings go back to Herod. They were warned in a dream and got on their way before the armies arrived. However, the second thing Herod gave orders for is to kill all the boys in Bethlehem and the surrounding area who were two years old and under. This turns out to be a horrific situation. Joseph and Mary barely escape with the baby Jesus. The records say that the only way they escaped was with the help of a stranger. Wait until you read and experience this. I had one woman say she was sure she had heart palpitations and cold sweat while she was reading it.

By the grace of God and the help of strangers they make their escape and started on their way to Egypt. Joseph had been told in a dream to leave and go to Egypt so he took his family there until Herod died. We leave Joseph and Mary as they start their journey south to Egypt.

When the holy family is on their way, my wife and I return from our time cruise. What an experience that I want to share with you.

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